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Short Biography

Alice received her PhD in Plant molecular biology from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Legume Research at the University of Queensland, in 2009. She is currently employed as a Research Officer with Dr Jacqueline Batley in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences and the CILR at the University of Queensland.

Research Interests

Her major area of interest is the genetic and epigenetic regulation of plant growth and development and the interactions between plants and their environment. She is also interested in genetic and epigenetic diversity and in applying this knowledge to understanding trait variation and evolution in Brassica crops.

Current Projects

Investigating the evolution and conservation of nodulation and mycorrhization genes across the Brassicaceae

Plants have evolved many and complex interactions with bacterial and fungal micro-organisms, from symbiotic relationships which benefit both plant and microbe, to pathogenesis, impacting crop yield and quality. The application of new genome technologies suggest that the evolution of plant signalling mechanisms are conserved, whether the plant is supporting a symbiotic relationship or defending against pathogenic bacteria or fungi. This project will characterise the diversity and evolution of conserved signal network components that are common to a plant's response to microbes, in wild and cultivated Brassicas. A greater understanding of these mechanisms may lead to an understanding of the function of these genes in non-nodulating, non-mycorrhizal organisms.

Epigenetic regulation of important agricultural traits in Brassica napus

Brassica napus (canola/oilseed rape) is the most economically important Brassica crop. Agronomic fitness and hybrid vigour in canola (where hybrids of inbred cultivars show increased fitness relative to their parents) involves an epigenetic DNA modification termed DNA methylation. DNA methylation heritably alters the expression levels of genes and thus can influence multiple processes and traits including flowering time, seed yield and disease resistance. This project is using next-generation, whole-genome DNA methylation sequencing to associate DNA methylation with the regulation of important agricultural traits and hybrid vigour in canola. This research will pioneer the functional analysis of genome methylation in canola with application for future crop breeding.

Key Publications

Hayward A, McLanders J, Campbell E, Edwards D, Batley J (2012) Genomic advances will herald new insights into the Brassica:Leptosphaeria maculans pathosystem. Plant Biol 14:1-10.

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