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April is a current PhD candidate investigating the CLE peptide hormones involved in legume nodulation and other plant signaling pathways.  Previously, she completed her Bachelor in Applied Science majoring in Biotechnology in 2011 at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane and received Class 1 for Bachelor of Science (Honours) in 2012 at the University of Queensland.  Her project, also at CILR, was titled "Functional Characterisation of Critical Domains of Soybean CLE Peptides". She is completing her PhD under the continued supervision of Professor Peter Gresshoff and Dr Brett Ferguson.

Key Publications

Ferguson, BJ, Li, D, Hastwell, AH, Reid, DE, Li, Y, Jackson, SA, Gresshoff, PM (2014) The soybean (Glycine max) nodulations-suppressive CLE peptide, GmRIC1, functions interspecifically in common white bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), but not in supernodulating line mutated in the receptor PvNARK. Plant Biotechnology Journal 12, 1085-1097.  Awarded the October 2014 cover image.

Hastwell, AH, Gresshoff, PM, Fergsuon, BF (2015) The structure and activity of nodulation-suppressing CLE peptide hormones of legumes. Functional Plant Biology. Awarded the cover image for the associated issue.

Hastwell, AH, Li, D, Tollenaere, A, Gresshoff, PM, Ferguson, BF (2014) "Negative regulation of legume nodules by inducible signal peptides' in the 17th Australian Nitrogen Fixation proceedings, ed. Gupta, VVSR, Unkovich, MJ and Kaiser, BN. ASNF, Adelaide, pp. 44-45.

Academic Awards

2014 - Alan Gibson Award for the best oral presentation by a student or early career researcher at the 17th Australian Nitrogen Fixation Conference, Adelaide (2014)

2015 - Molly Butz-Olsen Fellowship (2015-2017), Fellowship Fund Inc., a division of Graduate Women Queensland

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