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Office 230, Level 2 John Hines Building (62)
P: +61 (0)7 3346 9954
F: +61 (0)7 3365 3556

Short Biography

In 2010 Bethany spent the winter quarter studying at the University of Washington in Seattle under the University of Queensland's Transpacific Fellowship. Bethany completed her Bachelor of Biotechnology with a Major in Plant in 2011 with class 1 Honours from the University of Queensland. Her honours project was entitled 'Functional Characterisation of Early Nodulation Genes in Soybean' and was completed under the supervision of Prof Peter Gresshoff and Dr. Brett Ferguson in the CILR. Bethany received a UQRS Scholarship and will be beginning her PhD in April 2012 and will expand upon her honour's research.

Research Skills

  • Molecular and Microbiological skills
    • PCR
    • Aseptic technique
    • Cloning
  • Plant gene manipulation by hairy root growth induction
  • Plant care and rearing skills
    • Hairy root plant rearing
    • Split root plant rearing
    • Potted plant rearing

Research Project

Functional Characterisation of Gibberellin Related Early Nodulation Genes in Soybean
Advisors: Prof Peter Gresshoff, Dr. Brett Ferguson

Achievement Highlights

2012 UQRS Scholarship, The University of Queensland
2010 Transpacific Fellowship, The University of Queensland

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