1. Next generation sequencing and genotyping in the Brassicaceae

B juncea inflorescence
  1. Development of a 6K and 50K Illumina Infinium SNP genotyping chip for Brassica napus
  2. Characterising genetic variation in Brassica napus and links to agricultural traits - QTL and SNP analyses
  3. Characterising genetic diversity across the Brassicaceae - Goldengate and Infinium analysis
  4. Mapping recombination blocks in Brassica
  5. Identifying genomic regions associated with domestication

2. Genomics and evolution of Leptosphaeria maculans (blackleg fungus)

  1. Illumina Goldengate analysis of L. maculans isolates
  2. Population and diversity analyses
  3. Linkage disequilibrium
  4. Identification of candidate avirulence genes

3. The Brassica-L. maculans interaction

  1. Physical mapping, discovery and conservation analysis of blackleg disease resistance genes across the Brassicaceae
  2. Expression of candidate resistance genes in B. napus
  3. Stable transformation of B. napus for gene function analyses - knockouts and complementation.
  4. High density genotyping and sequencing of L. maculans isolates and B. napus cultivars for co-evolution analyses.

4. Evolution and functional Analysis of Symbiosis genes across the Brassicaceae

  1. Sequencing of nodulation gene homologues across the Brassicaceae
  2. Quantitative gene expression analyses
  3. TILLING and phenotyping of B. rapa mutants
  4. Phenotyping of Arabidopsis gene mutants
  5. Microbe response assays
  6. Hairy root complementation of legume mutants with Brassica genes

5. Epigenetic regulation of important agricultural traits in Brassica napus

  1. Whole genome methylation sequencing
  2. Correlation of methylation profiles, gene expression and phenotype at Methyl-QTL regions
  3. Illumina Methylation Goldengate/Infinium
  4. Comparative genome methylation analysis

6. Chromosome behaviour, polyploidy and speciation in Brassica

  1. Creating a new Brassica allohexaploid crop species
  2. Tracing chromosome inheritance and fertility through generations of interspecific hybrids
  3. Using fluorescent in-situ hybridisation to observe chromosome behaviour during meiosis in different Brassica hybrids
  4. Unreduced gametes and polyploid formation mechanisms
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