Congratulations to Dr Brett Ferguson and Professor Peter Gresshoff of the Centre for Integrative Legume Research on being awarded $83,500 from the Hermon Slade Foundation. The funding will be used to isolate novel CLE peptide hormones from transgenic soybean roots growing in culture that over-express genes encoding for the peptides of interest.

Congratulations again to Dr Brett Ferguson of the Centre for Integrative Legume Research on winning the Australian Society of Plant Sciences 2014 Peter Goldacre Award. The award is comprised of $2,000 and a medal, which will be presented to Brett at the 2014 Combio conference to be held in Canberra later this year. Brett is also invited to present his work at ComBio in the plenary Goldacre Lecture and to submit a review article based on his work for publication in Functional Plant Biology.

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