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Room 219, Level 2 John Hines Building (62)
P +61 (0)7 3346 9949
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Short Biography

Fatihah comes from Selangor, Malaysia. She has a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology from the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). In 2006, she worked as a research assistant in Molecular Biology Lab, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, UPM before reported as a tutor in the same department. As a tutor, she received a Malaysian Government scholarship to further her study in Master Science of Plant Biotechnology at UPM. Now, she is joining CILR group for her PhD since 2011.

Research Skills

  • Molecular biology and plant tissue culture techniques
  • Light and scanning electron microscopic analyses
  • In silico analyses

Research Project

Identification and characterisation of altered gene in the novel ABA insensitive Beyma mutant of Lotus japonicus.
Advisors: Prof. Peter Gresshooff, Dr Bandana Biswas and Dr Jacqui Batley.

ABA (abscisic acid) is associated with stress biology of plants. In the model legume Lotus japonicus, a dominant ABA insensitive mutant of MG-20 ecotype called Beyma has previously been isolated by EMS mutagenesis (Biswas et al, 2009, Molecular Plant). As compared to wild type (WT), the Beyma is slow-growing, wilty and incapable of regulating its stomatal opening. It appears to be lack of ABA sensing, not ABA synthesis. In this study, the Beyma genome was deep-sequenced together with the WT and a WT segregant of the mutant. A genomic and bioinformatics comparison between these three plants was carried out to identify candidate mutant loci. In addition, rough SSR profiling will be performed on F2 population of cross between the Beyma and Gifu ecotype WT to map the altered chromosomal location. The characterisation of the altered gene will shed more light on the molecular regulation of ABA inhibition of nodulation in Lotus and, in a broader sense, biotic and abiotic stress modulation in legumes in general.

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