Senior Research Officer

Contact Details

Office 213, Level 2 John Hines Building (62)
P +61 (0)7 3346 9592
F +61 (0)7 3365 3556

Short Biography

Dr Qunyi Jiang has been active in the research field of molecular genetics and genomics of model legume Lotus japonicus for the last 10 years at UQ. This has focused on understanding the autoregulation of nodulation, root development, gene-gene interaction and crossing talk between ethylene and cytokine in L. japonicus. Qunyi is currently conducting research with colleagues on improvement of growth, adaptability and sustainable biofuel and bioenergy production of Pongamia pinnata using the platform of biotechnology-genetics-genomics.

In addition to research projects, Qunyi had concurrently taken the role as laboratory manager to coordinate laboratory functions with Director, CILR during 2003-2007, and is holding same role in 2012.

Research Skills

  • Molecular cloning
  • DNA marker technology
  • Vegetative propagation of Pongamia

Current Project

  • To develop molecular DNA marker technique for the purpose of genetic mapping, molecular breeding and gene discovery.
  • To develop inbred/hybrid lines for domesticated Pongamia through sexual hybridisation techniques.
  • To establish an arboretum using vegetative propagation of elite as well as phenotypically distinct trees through tissue culture, grafting and cutting.
  • To create a data base for seed component phenotypes (oil, protein, and starch content) of Pongamia trees grown in different geoclimatic regions.

Achievement Highlights

Patent: Pongamia Genetic Markers and Method of Use (finalised on 11/2011)
Q. Jiang, P. T. Scott and P. M. Gresshoff

Key Publications

Qunyi Jiang and Peter M. Gresshoff (2012)
Gene interactions between hypernodulation har1-1 and ethylene insensitivity Etr1-1 in Lotus japonicas (In preparation)

Qunyi Jiang, Shang-Heng Yen, Jiri Stiller, David Edwards, Paul T. Scott and Peter M. Gresshoff (2012)
Diversity Analysis of the Tree Legume Pongamia pinnata using PISSRs (Pongamia Inter-Simple Sequence Repeats) Bioenergy Research (Submitted)

Jun Yan, Xuefei Cai, Jianghong Luo, Shusei Sato, Qunyi Jiang, Jun Yang, Xiangling Cao, Xiaohe Hu, Satoshi Tabata, Peter M. Gresshoff, and Da Luo (2010)
The REDUCED LEAFLET Genes Encode Key Components of the trans-Acting Small Interfering RNA Pathway and Regulate Compound Leaf and Flower Development in Lotus japonicas. Plant Physiology 152: 797-807.

Peter M. Gresshoff, Brett J. Ferguson, Arief Indrasumunar, and Qunyi Jiang (2009)
Modern Genticsand Biotechnology of Soybean Nitrogen Fixation and Nodulation. Chinese Journal of Nature 6:1-7

Peter M Gresshoff, Dasharath Lohar, Pick-Kuen Chan,Bandana Biswas, Qunyi Jiang, Dugald Reid, Brett Ferguson, and Gary Stacey(2009)
Genetic analysis of ethylene regulation of legume nodulation. Plant Signaling & Behaviour 4:818-823

Dana Hoffmann , Qunyi Jiang*, Artem Men, Mark Kinkema, Peter M. Gresshoff (2007) [*Equal first authors]
Nodulation deficiency caused by fast neutron mutagenesis of the model legume Lotus japonicus. Journal of Plant Physiology 164:460-469

Qunyi Jiang and Peter M. Gresshoff (2005)
Use of single seed DNA and SNP for genetic analysis in symbiosis mutants and transgenics of Lotus japonicas. Symbiosis 40:45-49

Men, A., Laniya, T., Searle, I., Iturbe-Ormaetxe, I., Gresshoff, I., Jiang, Q., Carroll, B. and Gresshoff, P. (2002)
Fast neutron mutagenesis of soybean (Glycine soja L) produces a supernodulating mutant containing a large deletion in linkage group H Genome Letters 3:147-155

Jiang, Q., and Gresshoff, P.M. (2002)
Shoot-control and genetic mapping of the har1-1 (hypernodulation and aberrant root formation) mutant of Lotus japonicus. Functional Plant Biology 29:1371-1376

Wopereis, J., Pajuelo, E., Dazzo, F., Jiang, Q., Gresshoff, P., Bruijn, F., Stougaard, J., and Szczyglowski, K. (2000)
Short root mutant of Lotus japonicus with a dramatically altered symbiotic phenotype. Plant Journal 23: 97-114

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