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Office 203, Level 2 John Hines Building (62)
P: +61 (0)7334 (69952)
Batley Lab

Short Biography

Reece completed a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Biotechnology at the Queensland University of Technology in 2007. He then moved into State Government working as a project officer and Program Manager before returning to the world of science at the University of Queensland, as a part time research assistant under Dr Jacqueline Batley. After around two years in this role he was encouraged to undergo the Honours year in 2011 and has now continued the extension to his studies by pursuing a PhD. He is studying the plant-pathogen interaction between Brassica species and their fungal pathogen, Leptosphaeriamaculans, with a particular focus on identifying the genes that confer resistance to the virulent fungus in Brassica napus sp.

Current Research

The aim of his research is to identify the genes involved in the specific host-pathogen gene for gene interaction between Brassica species and their pathogen, Leptosphaeriamaculans. His current focus is the annotation of the Rlm4(Resistance to L. maculans 4) gene on chromosome 7 of Brassica napus cultivars using allelic variation, SNPs and marker association in a mapping population that segregates for resistance and susceptibility.

Key Publications

Tollenaere R, Hayward A, Dalton-Morgan J, Campbell E, McLanders J, Lorenc M, Manoli S, Stiller J, Raman R, Raman H, Edwards D and Batley J. Identification and characterisation of candidate Rlm4 blackleg resistance genes in Brassica napus using next generation sequencing. Plant Biotechnology Journal. (Accepted April 2012)

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