1. Bradyrhizobium japonicum Nod Factor responses

  1. Analysis of soybean Nod Factor (NF) receptors GmNFR1 and GnNFR5
  2. Analysis of soil stress responses specifically acid soil
  3. Analysis of the role of GmNORK genes
  4. Determination of the 3D protein structure of the GmNRF1/5 complex and ligand interaction
  5. Analysis of gene function in early nodulation

2. Autoregulation of Nodulation (AON) control

  1. Analysis of GmNARK 3-D structure and ligand interaction
  2. Analysis of CLE-peptide signals in infection as well as nitrate response (site-directed mutagenesis, peptide detection, receptor binding)
  3. Chemical structure determination of the shoot-derived inhibitor (SDI)
  4. Analysis gene expression in soybean leaf after xylem sap feeding
  5. Development of peptide-feeding method
  6. Analysis of supernodulation in Phaseolis vulgaris (common bean): genomics, CLE overexpression
  7. Hormonal cross-talk (cytokinins, ethylene) during AON in Lotus japonicus

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