The major purpose of CILR is to expand the knowledge of legume systems through 'cutting edge' research, to educate and train the next generation of plant scientists, and communicate these insights and understandings to the wider community through educational outreach and commercialisation.

Major career streams are:

1) Postdoctoral Research Fellows

These research positions are usually externally funded and require excellent applicants. Researchers will work in one of the four RESEARCH AREAS, in collaboration with other staff. Appointments usually are for 1 to 3 years. Interested applicants should contact the Director to judge interest, develop common ground and to develop a research project proposal to be used for external grant applications.

2) Research Postgraduate Students

CILR is part of the University of Queensland and graduates Honours, Masters and PhD scholars. Applicants should contact the Director or enquire with the UQ Graduate School to ascertain entry requirements. CILR seeks highly motivated students with a deep background in modern plant science and genetics. This footing is essential, and interested persons with more divergent background should contact the Director or senior research staff in the CILR to judge suitability.

3) Occupational Trainee positions

These commonly are called 'Visiting Scholar' and usually are students from European universities, permitted to conduct their degree research overseas. CILR insists on a minimum research stay of 6 months. The Occupational Trainee requires Australian government visa clearance, which may take time; so early planning is needed. All travel and living costs are carried by the Occupational Trainee or his/her supporting organisation. CILR provides supervision, laboratory space and supplies at no cost to the trainee.

4) Student Volunteers and Summer Trainees

CILR has many research projects that require 'extra hands', thereby providing excellent opportunities for young researchers to experience a research laboratory setting. Interested students from Australia should contact the Director or senior research staff for further discussion. CILR expects the student to provide a substantial time commitment. Senior year high school students with a plant biology/genetics interest are welcome to apply.

5) Administrative and Technical staff

CILR occasionally has vacancies in these areas. These will be advertised in the normal competitive fashion and will also be listed in this section of the website.

6) Sabbatical and Overseas visitors

CILR welcomes colleagues from around the world to enjoy the creative research environment, get to know Australia a bit more, and to develop new research collaborations. Interested persons should contact the Director.

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