Honours student

Contact details:

Room 203, John Hines Building (62)

Short Biography:

Zurianti was born in Johore, Malaysia. She did her degree in Bachelor of Biotech (Plant major) at University of Queensland (2009 - 2011) and started her Honours in February 2012.

Research Project:

Developmental Profiling and Composition Variation of Pongamia pinnata seeds.
Supervisors: Dr. Paul Scott & Prof Peter Gresshoff

P.pinnata is a potential biofuel feedstock species however yet to be domesticated to maximize its commercial value. Developing developmental profiling of seeds is crucial in order to relate with relevant gene expression and seed sizes. As an outcross species, extensive amount of phenotypic and genotypic variations can be found in nature. Analyzing oil, protein and starch content variations in nature is important to contribute on genetic variation analysis and later will be useful on Pongamia tree improvement programme. Technique involves protein extraction and quantification, oil extraction and transesterification, starch extraction, DNA extraction, purification and sequencing.

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